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Virgo Candle

Virgo Candle

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Introduce an aura of serenity to your surroundings with our Virgo Energy Candle. This light green candle, created from an all-natural soy and coconut wax blend, reflects the analytical and gentle spirit of Virgo. As the flame flickers, allow your senses to be embraced by a soft floral aroma, underscored by warm amber, rustic woody tobacco, and a hint of sweet musk, designed to ease your Virgo mind and provide grounding. Each candle is lavishly topped with Holy Basil and Rose Petals, infusing your space with a much-needed revitalizing energy. Alongside these, every candle carries Clear Quartz and Citrine, stones revered for ushering in strength, energy, and balance, embodying the intrinsic virtues of the Virgo sign. Experience the celestial power in your habitat with our Virgo Energy Candle.

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