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Cemented Intentions - Customized and Personalized

Cemented Intentions - Customized and Personalized

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Cement your intentions with our customizable option!

The perfect customized intention candle for those seeking something extra special. We use all natural, non-toxic (doggo approved!) soy/coconut wax and fragrance oils. Plus locally sourced herbs and ethically sourced crystals; so you can trust we only ever offer you the best. Not to mention, each candle comes in its own uniquely crafted cement vessel which doubles as a planter when your candle is finished.

It's easy to design your own intention candle. Simply pick from an array of options so you can have the perfect one designed just for you. We've even included a helpful guide with instructions and tips for your choice selections. Our flat rate price includes any of the options available plus a packet of herb seeds tailored to match the rest of your intentions, so you can make use of your planter after your candle has finished burning.

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