Our Story

We are a small batch, handcrafted candle company that was inspired by one very special dog named Little Miss Izzy Biz. She has been our biggest mentor in learning how to love unconditionally, and it is her legacy that we aim to carry forward in all that we do.

As a tribe of female first responders we share a deep commitment to putting family first, both the ones we were born into and the ones we have chosen along the way.

That's why we created Izzy Biz Candle Co. When you hit that moment where down is up and your past beliefs become your prison guard, we hope our candles can bring you that little glimmer of light to help get you through.

Our candles and vessels are handcrafted with a lot of love, attention to detail and a sprinkle of magic. We pride ourselves on using all natural coconut/soy wax and fragrance oils (doggo approved!), ethically sourced crystals and stones, and locally sourced herbs to bring you all the best healing properties.