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Pisces Candle

Pisces Candle

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This lightly fruity candle uses notes of soft citrus with floral hints to cultivate a relaxing atmosphere complimentary to Pisces alternating flow for ease of healing.

To amplify this candle’s effects both Hibiscus and Hawthorn Berries were added. Here Hibiscus joins Hawthorn Berries’ aid toward the inner flow, that being the circulatory system, but extends their themes further into the mind and soul. For Pisceans a poetic intermission and a meaningful presence can feel at odds despite being two fish of the same pond. The Pisces candle aims to relax this busy mind and motivate the naturally self-aware Piscean in their recovery.
Infused in the Pisces candle are chips of Aquamarine, Obsidian Black and Tourmaline, all of which focus the relaxing and restorative qualities of this trusted process.

As with all candles in the Zodiac collection, the Pisces is handcrafted entirely out of a natural soy and coconut wax blend, whose benefits can also be used as a massage oil by all souls, not just those with significant placements in Pisces


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