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Libra Candle

Libra Candle

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This cozy candle uses notes of Plumeria Rose and Vanilla to cultivate an atmosphere of relaxed fairness complimentary to Libra’s balance.
To amplify this candle’s effects, both Elderberries and Rose Petals were added. Libran harmony touches both these plants as they are local healers of a wide range, their healing properties are just as charming and well-connected as this candle’s namesake. The Libra candle recognizes that balancing a modern life is no easy task, and so presses lightly against the scales to boost your body’s natural recovery.
Infused in the Libra candle are chips of Citrine and Rose Quartz, both of which focus the balance and restorative qualities of this loving process.

As with all candles in the Zodiac collection, the Libra is handcrafted entirely out of a natural soy and coconut wax blend, whose benefits can also be used as a massage oil by all souls, not just those with significant placements in Libra.

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