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Aquarius Candle

Aquarius Candle

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Introducing our Aquarius Alchemy Candle, a divine blend harmoniously crafted to resonate with the unique energies of an Aquarius. This beautifully silvery, all-natural soy/coconut wax creation emanates enchanting notes of bergamot, orange, roasted chestnuts, cinnamon sugar, and cotton musk, as cozy as a long warm winter's nap. Each candle is thoughtfully topped with rosemary, cloves, and precious gemstones of aquamarine and amethyst. The invigorating scent of rosemary and robust cloves stimulate intellectual pursuit, a trait intrinsic to an Aquarius. Aquamarine strengthens the spirit of this air sign, promoting open communication and self-expression, while amethyst brings balance and cultivates tranquility. This candle is more than a scent; it's an aromatic journey aligned with the stars.

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