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Amethyst Crystal Grounding Candle

Amethyst Crystal Grounding Candle

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This artisan crafted candle is much more than just a way to add an inviting scent to your home - it's a sensory experience steeped in history and magic. At its core, the candle is a 12oz creation made of all natural soy/coconut wax, lovingly poured into a genuine crystal stemless wine glass. But it's so much more than that.

Crafted around the story of how amethyst became a purple crystal, this candle is a tribute to the ancient Greek legend of Dionysus. According to the tale, Dionysus was once insulted by a mortal who didn't believe in his divine powers. In a fit of rage, Dionysus swore to release his tiger on the next person he encountered. That person happened to be a young girl named Amethyst, who was on her way to worship at the temple of Artemis. As the tiger approached her, Amethyst called out to Artemis for protection. The goddess heard her plea and turned her into a statue of pure crystal, protecting her from harm. Dionysus was struck by Amethyst's beauty and remorseful for his earlier threat, and he poured wine over the statue as a symbol of his regret. The wine dripped onto the crystal, giving it the deep purple hue we know as amethyst.

This story is woven into every aspect of the amethyst candle. As the wax burns, the color changes from white to a deep, rich purple, just like the crystal that inspired it. The scent notes of pink lavender blended with precious woods transport you to the lush gardens of ancient Greece, while a sprinkling of real lavender on top adds an extra element of calming aromatherapy.

But this candle isn't just a pretty decoration or a source of pleasant smells - it's also a powerful tool for healing and spiritual growth. Amethyst is a crystal known for its ability to promote serenity, balance emotions, and promote clarity of thought. As you light this candle, imagine yourself surrounded by the soothing energy of amethyst, and feel your worries and stresses melt away. A generous chunk of real amethyst rests atop the candle, further infusing your space with its restorative properties.

Whether you're using it during your daily meditation or simply enjoying the calming glow and delicious scent, it's an unforgettable addition to any home.

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