Eternal Remembrance



We understand that going through a period of grieving can be extremely challenging, and that's why we've created a candle that is specifically designed to help you get through this difficult time. Our candle is crafted using a blend of soy and coconut wax that burns cleanly and is free of toxins and pollutants. The wood wick provides a gentle crackling sound as it burns, creating a soothing ambiance in your space.

The warm and peaceful marigold orange coloring was chosen to bring a sense of comfort and optimism. Serving as a reminder that even though grief is present, so is the beauty of life and the hope that things will one day get better. Scent notes of redwood and cypress aimed at creating a relaxing effect and a light warm rose vanilla, which gives off a sweet and delicate aroma- perfect for providing a feeling of love and comfort.

We're topped this candle with rose hips, a natural remedy that has long been used to heal the heart. Jade crystal chips to provide healing energy, grounding us during times of emotional turmoil. The dried pansy flower, small but mighty, has become a powerful symbol of grief and remembrance precisely because it speaks to the complex mix of emotions that arise in the face of death. Whether we are mourning a loved one or simply reflecting on the transience of life, the pansy is a reminder that even in our darkest moments, we can remember that death is not an end, but a transition to something new. 

Immerse yourself with the heart-warming glow of our candle, and feel the love and comfort surrounding you. We understand that it is hard to cope with the process of grief, but we hope that our candle can uplift your spirits and bring you the strength to move through this stage of life. You are not alone, and our team is here to support you in this time of need. Use it when you need it the most, and let its gentle scent and beautiful glow help you transform your sorrow into a hopeful and peaceful mind.