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The Power of Color: How We Choose the Right Color for Our Custom Intention Candle

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a particular color, whether in clothing or home decor? Do you believe in the power of color to influence our emotions, moods, and even our spiritual energy? At Izzy Biz Candle Co., we understand the significance of color and its impact on our custom intention candles. In this post, we will explore our process for selecting the right color for each candle, including spiritual meanings, metaphysical properties, folklore/historical meanings, and chakra associations. We believe that this holistic approach, combined with our intuition, results in a powerful tool for healing, intention setting, and manifestation.

At Izzy Biz Candle Co., we believe that color is a language that speaks to the soul. Each color has a specific vibration that connects us to the universe and ignites our innate power. Our color selection process begins with understanding the spiritual meanings behind each color. For example, white represents purity, clarity, and peace, while red symbolizes passion, strength, and courage. We use this knowledge to ensure that each candle represents its desired intention.

Metaphysical properties also play a vital role in our color selection process. We focus on the unique energy of each color to enhance the candle's intention. Green, for example, resonates with the heart chakra and represents growth, harmony, and abundance. We choose this color for candles aimed at promoting love, compassion, healing, and prosperity.

We also look at the folklore and historical meanings behind each color to understand how it has been used in different cultures and traditions. Gold, for example, represents wealth, power, and success, and has been used in Chinese culture for centuries as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. We use this knowledge to add depth and meaning to the intention of our candles.

The hue of each color we choose plays a crucial role in conveying the desired intention and energy of our candles. Subtle variations in hue can significantly impact the vibration and message a color emanates. For instance, a deep, rich blue sparks feelings of trust and professionalism, while a lighter, sky-blue hue might evoke feelings of tranquility and peace. Through carefully selecting the hue, we can fine-tune the energy of our candles, creating a more personalized and profound experience for our customers.

In our quest to create candles that resonate on a deeper, more personal level, we often find ourselves combining colors. The art of blending colors is not just about aesthetic beauty, but it's about harmonizing different energies, creating a unique and potent synergy. For instance, combining green for growth and abundance, with gold for success, could manifest as a candle designed to inspire professional advancement. Similarly, mixing a calming blue with a passionate red might result in a purple candle to stimulate creativity and balance.

Finally, we consider the chakra associated with each color. Chakras are energy centers that run through our bodies, and each chakra is associated with a specific color. Using this knowledge, we select the color that resonates with the intended chakra to enhance its energy. For example, purple is associated with the third eye chakra, which represents intuition, spiritual awareness, and clarity of thought. We use purple to increase the power of candles aimed at enhancing meditation, spirituality, and intuition.

At Izzy Biz Candle Co., we believe that the right color is crucial in manifesting your intentions. We understand the impact of color on our emotions, energy, and spiritual connection. By selecting the right color based on spiritual meanings, metaphysical properties, historical meanings, and chakras, we can enhance the power of our candles. Combining this knowledge with our intuition, we can ensure that each candle is tailored to its intended purpose, creating a powerful tool for healing and intention setting. We invite you to explore our range of possibilities for a custom intention candle and discover the magic of color for yourself.


Below is a starter guide to the colors we frequently use in our candles and their associated meanings and energies. Whether you're beginning your journey with intention setting or you're looking to deepen your understanding, we warmly invite you to explore and use this as a reference for your own color magic journey.



Orange, tied to the sacral chakra. This vibrant hue is a beacon of creativity, sexuality, and emotional equilibrium. It stirs up enthusiasm and happiness. Ancient cultures often linked orange with warmth, prosperity, and the bountiful autumn harvest.


Yellow, connected with the solar plexus chakra, represents personal power, self-esteem, and intellect. It is known to improve concentration and facilitate effective communication. In Egypt's history, it was associated with gold, signifying eternal life and the sun.


Tied to the heart chakra, green embodies love, healing, and abundance. It is believed to harmonize emotions and foster growth. Historically, it's a color deeply linked to nature, fertility, and rebirth across many traditions.


Blue, associated with the throat chakra, stands for communication, truth, and self-expression. Its soothing properties are used to foster peace and tranquility. In various cultures, blue, as a sacred color, represents the heavens and divine truth.


Related to the third eye chakra, indigo stands for intuition, spiritual awareness, and the capacity to discern the truth. In the ancient world, its rarity as a dye often made it a symbol of nobility and spiritual depth.


Purple, connected to the crown chakra, signifies spiritual connection, enlightenment, and divine love. It is thought to aid deep meditation and intensify psychic abilities. Historically, purple was a mark of royalty, embodying power, nobility, and luxury.


White, often related to the crown chakra, symbolizes purity, innocence, and spiritual perfection. It represents completion, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Historically, white has been associated with transcendence, divinity, and peace.


Black resonates with the grounding earth energy and is frequently associated with protection and power. It represents mystery, transformation, and the unknown. In various traditions, black is seen as a symbol of strength, authority, and elegance.


Teal, a blend of blue and green, aligns with the higher heart chakra, symbolizing healing, balance, and tranquility. It encourages spiritual growth and the enhancement of intuitive abilities. In many cultures, teal represents creativity, inspiration, and sophistication.


Peach, a warm and gentle color, is often associated with the heart chakra and signifies compassion, love, and comfort. This color embodies the warmth of a heart full of love and evokes feelings of tranquility and contentment. In many cultures, peach is seen as a symbol of sincerity, gratitude, and joy, often used to bring soothing comfort and harmonious balance.


Maroon, a dark blend of red and brown, is commonly associated with the root chakra, symbolizing grounding, stability, and strength. This color encourages feelings of self-confidence, courage, and practicality. Historically, maroon has been linked with power, ambition, and richness. It is often used as a symbol of bravery, warmth, and depth, creating a sense of comfort and nurturing in times of emotional upheaval.



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